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CXT Toilet Installed July 2004

Shooting Benches on 300 Yard

Updated September 29, 2017

300 Yard Development 2004

NNRPA is dedicated to developing the Elko County Shooting Facility, and promoting organized shooting events of different disciplines at local and regional levels.  Progress on the Elko Shooting Facility includes completion of the 300 yard range with grant funding through the Pitman-Robertson fund which covered constructing a covered concrete pad with 12 permanent shooting bench stations, and target lines from 25 to 300 yards.  We have 9 Pistol Bays, two toilet facilities.  There is a 600 yard rifle range with concrete firing line including benches.  All this has been made possible through grants from Pitman Robertson Funds the NRA Foundation, Elko Co. and other donors.  We are currently updating the Range Development Master Plan which may include a 1000 yard rife firing line. 


We hold Practical Pistol matches every fourth Saturday, IDPA matches 2nd Saturday, and Silhouette Rifle on the 3rd Saturday, all held at the Elko Shooting Range January-NovemberCheck out our The Events Page for more details and meeting information or call a club representative.




Danielle Kohler                                    

   & Bob Buckley             775-753-8825


Lee Caton                                  753-7241


Dennis Marsh                          778-3118

John Culver                              385-5193

Membership donations help cover the operating expenses of the Association.  Match fees go toward covering expenses, and raising funds for future shooting events, as well as development of the Elko Co. Shooting Range.    

Dedicated donations go toward requested projects.

Northeastern Nevada Rifle & Pistol Assoc.

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Shade Structures and Picnic benches in the Pistol Bays 2017